3D Animation Warriors

Having taken-up the Zer0-to-450 Challenge…
and having actually LEARNED MMD,
Zero-to-450.com proudly acknowledges these MMDers as

B. Nidhi Baligayour created her first Zero-to-450 Challenge in April of 2020!
The original BONK Challenge now done here and now, in 2020!B. Nidhi Baliga does the Zero-to-3450 "Guitar Challenge"! April, 2020.

Russell Meakim (xxBodger on LearnMMD.com) was an early warrior... 2013!
The original Zero-to-450 asked for a Guitar Challenge... and Russell Meakim rose to the challenge!

Russell answered the "Bonk!" Challenge with this fun entry!

Super-creative "Bonk!" Challenge entry from Russell Meakim!

Russell Meakim freelanced his OWN Challenge to demonstrate the "Yukari's Gap" MME effect.

Reggie Dentmore, founder of LearnMMD.com and Zero-to-450.com, has created a handful of "Challenge" videos.

Reggie Dentmore's Zero-to-450.com "Rin needs a Hug" Challenge entry.

Reggie dentmore's "Bonk!" entry... where the actual Bonk happens off-screen!

Reggie's "Rin Needs a Hug" answers the Zero-to-450 Challenge of the same name ":o).

MMDwalt7 has several fun MMD videos posted... Click to see his YouTube channel.

MMDwalt7 created this crazy animation so as to include ALL of the zero-to-450 challenges in a single video!

MMDwalt7 made this beautiful little video to be only 14-seconds long... you don't need to make a "long one"... it's fun to make shorts.

Midori Aki has only the one video posted... GREAT that she gave it a try!

Midori Aki was an early responder to the BONK Challenge! ... Plenty of little Bonks! on the drum!

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