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Become a 3D Animation Warrior... Take up a new Challenge on!

The Beamman's Bomb Challenge! Blow-up something as you learn how to use the MME effect!MikuMikuDance is a blank slate… and nothing is “in there” until you put it in!

The goal of Zero-to-450 is to give you an animation challenge with the limit of only 450-frames in which to get the job done.

You will face the empty GUI of MMD… with only a prop (an accessory) that you downloaded from Zero-to-450… and the The BONK! Challenge... Bonk someone or something... "Bonk!"barest sketch of a plot-line. Your creative juices will flow as you take the challenge we offer!

450 frames go by so quickly!

With only 15-seconds to fill, your project will not take more than a few hours… maybe less! Have fun with it… explore the edges of your animation abilities as you learn to use MikuMikuDance…

Become a 3D Animation Warrior…
… and you will REALLY Learn MMD!