The Zero-to-450 “BONK!” Challenge!

I never need an excuse to smack Kaito!

The Zero-to-450 "Bonk! Challenge is pretty simple:  Just "Bonk!" something or someone... you have only 450 frames to get it done!

The “Bonk!” Challenge!

The Zero-to-450 “Bonk!” Challenge is pretty simple…
“Bonk!” something or someone!

See the DOWNLOADS page to find your Bonk! and the Yellow Plastic Bat accessories.

The Bonk! is a 3D model made in Sketchup and then translated into a .x DirectX model.

You will want to attach the Bonk! to a “Dammy Bone” (Dummy Bone). See in this picture that the Bonk! is naturally kind of far away from the dummy bone attachment point… After you load it, you can adjust it to be closer to that bone.

Download the Bonk! from the Zero-to-450 Downloads Page. It's a 3D Accessory.

See also that the “painted” surface is very sensitive to the light… rotating it or moving the overhead lights, only the slightest bit, will make it appear darker or brighter… so adjust it’s position and Si size for the “look” you want.

The Rules:

  • Take up the Challenge… You have exactly 450 frames, 15-seconds, to show us what you’ve got!
  • Any plot-line is OK as long as you meet the challenge.
  • Be a good MMDer, Keep the Faith-MMD, keep it clean… not too sexy, not too violent… this is a family show!
  • Make your animation, render to video, and upload to the web… please include “Zero-to-450 Challenge” in your video’s title.
  • Come Back to this page and leave a Link to your video as a Comment at the foot of this page.

Submit your 15-sceond "Challenge" video and prove yourself to be a 3D Animation Warrior!By doing so… YOU will have proven yourself to be a 3D Animation Warrior. Your name and video will be added to our 3D Animation Warriors Page for all to see in the years ahead.

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