The Zero-to-450 “Folk Guitar” Challenge!

Download Reggie's Folk Guitar from the Zero-to-450 Downloads page... and use-up 15-seconds of video to show us what you've got!Download the Folk Guitar from the Downloads Page and then…

Take the Zero-to-450 “Folk Guitar” Challenge!

This one is simple: You create a 15-second video (450 frames) to show us what you can do with that guitar!

The Rules:

  • Take up the Challenge… You have exactly 450 frames, 15-seconds, to show us what you’ve got!
  • Any plot-line is OK as long as you meet the challenge.
  • Be a good MMDer, Keep the Faith-MMD, keep it clean… not too sexy, not too violent… this is a family show!
  • Make your animation, render to video, and upload to the web… please include “Zero-to-450 Challenge” in your video’s title.
  • Come Back to this page and leave a Link to your video as a Comment at the foot of this page.

Submit your 15-sceond "Challenge" video and prove yourself to be a 3D Animation Warrior!By doing so… YOU will have proven yourself to be a 3D Animation Warrior. Your name and video will be added to our 3D Animation Warriors Page for all to see in the years ahead.


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